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On behalf of Highland Marine Services (HMS), I would like to thank you for visiting our website.

The story of HMS is told through our clients, our employees and the communities in which we work.

ur company has been serving the diverse human capital needs of our clients for more than 27 years and we have earned a reputation for integrity, passion, unmatched professionalism and the delivery of superior results. With the completion of over 1000 placements, we have become the “Partner of Choice” for our clients.

We know that the decisions you make regarding the growth and development of your team are critical to the success of your company, the implementation of your strategic plans and the attainment of your financial goals. As such, we work in concert with you and your team to fully understand your company’s culture before beginning our candidate search, which helps to ensure that the specific talents that will be needed for the selected position and the expectations you will have of this individual from a performance standpoint are met. Although there are always candidates with compelling resumes available in the market, only those who will be in complete alignment with your wants and needs are presented to you for consideration. Your time is valuable.

We know that the trust and integrity of your talent search partner is of paramount importance to you and your company, and also recognize that the search firm representing your confidential hiring initiatives is vital to the success of your company. We take the trust that you place in us very seriously. Our company has made its mark in the industry by catering to the individual needs of all those we serve and the majority of our searches are from “repeat customers”. The results we deliver are only possible because every client is treated as if they are using us for the first time. We are committed to you as a “new repeat client” and there is nothing more important to us than exceeding your expectations as your search firm.

Internally, our success is attributed to the caliber of the professionals that are a part of the our staff. We apply the same selection and recruiting skills towards the growth and development of our team that are used in helping you with your placement needs. Cultural alignment is an essential component in our success, and only those who have the passion to serve our industries, can deliver results to our clients and have a need for excellence and growth in their professional endeavors are brought into our organization.

Someone once told me “Focus on activity and the money will come from the sky.” I gave it my own twist and have helped teach my team that “If your focus is on activity and responsibility and have clarity on doing the right thing by all, the money will come from the sky with ease and grace”. In essence, our team believes that we will be financially successful if we think of who we are serving first, and this approach to our business is part of what makes us so good at what we do!

I encourage you to call us to discuss our commitment to connecting you with those that will drive your business, embrace your vision and grow your bottom line.


Highland Marine Services
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